We invest in bold leaders that use advanced technologies to address some of the world’s biggest social and environmental challenges.

What We Value Most

People are at the core of our investment philosophy. We back visionary doers and game-changers with a passion to make the world a better place for everyone, and a bold vision to match this ambitious goal.

Global social and environment challenges. We invest in the startups that can become category-defining companies, with a bias for businesses that create new markets or address large but traditionally dismissed demographics.

Positive impact. We support companies boldly seeking to improve human and planetary condition, where this goal is obvious and intrinsic to their business.

Advanced technology continues to assert its position as the main driver of growth in today’s economy. That’s why we invest in companies with strong technological and scientific foundations and cultures.

Measurable outcomes are essential for assessing the impact we helped to create. We understand this impact in terms of social and environmental outcomes in line with additionality principle, as well as financial targets, seeking not token but competitive market rate returns.

Who We Support

We support companies that use technology for good as the connective tissue between industries and research, advancing innovative ideas in three areas of human life. We want to see real change happen in people’s lives, and we are ready to invest in bringing that change about. Our three key investment areas have been identified with these priorities in mind.

Public health
Mental health
Synthetic biology
New food solutions
Vertical farming
Circular solutions
Sustainable water use
Renewable energy
Clean tech
Carbon footprint platforms
Advanced materials
Job security
Poverty alleviation
Material living standards
Equal access opportunities
Ageing population