We see business as a force for good and seek to enable the creation of world-class enterprises that generate positive and sustainable outcomes.

Our Guiding Principles

Sustainable Future

Impact Venture supports businesses with a truly bold vision and a passion to solve the world’s most burning issues. By helping these ventures get off the ground and nurturing their growth, we seek to create a more sustainable future for all of us.

Alignment with your Vision

We take a first-principles, scientific approach to analyzing new investments. We listen with an open mind and believe before others understand.

Force for Good

True to our name, we maintain impact-focused approach to investing, our goal being to create tangible positive change through profitable deployment of capital into forward-thinking businesses.



Who do we support? – The businesses making impact

We work exclusively with the early-stage startups with a clear potential to make a difference on a global scale, especially those addressing key social and/or environmental concerns.

What kind of funding do we provide? – We invest early and help to bridge the ‘funding gap’ not met by traditional funding sources such as banks and venture capitalist

We scale up companies and businesses seeking investments between £100,000 and £500,000.

How fast do we act? – We pride ourselves on our expediency in providing capital

We know that obtaining funding quickly is often essential for companies at the early stages of their development, and we are ready to offer this crucial support. Our aim is to get deals done.

How soon do we expect our returns? – We are patient with our investments and engage in long-term thinking

Impact Venture is a proponent of patient capital. Recognizing that complex problems require more time to solve, we give companies time to reach their full potential.

Are we ready for a long-term partnership? – Yes, we provide lasting support and continued financing

We are a committed investor determined to build long-term relationships with the companies. We are ready to provide follow-on financing in order for ventures to successfully achieve their objectives.

What added value do we bring? – Beyond financing, we help companies build their human and social capital.

At Impact Venture, we see the role of investor as a trusted mentor and reliable partner. We help companies build their networks, provide mentorship support and link them to reliable expert advice.