Impact Venture is a generalist early stage investment fund with a distinct interest in enterprises addressing current social and environmental concerns through innovative business solutions. We want to see real change happen in people’s lives, and we are ready to invest in bringing that change about. Our three keyinvestment areas have been identified with these priorities in mind.


We support business solutions which utilize the newest technologies in creative and efficient ways. We are particularly interested in circular solutionsthat is the business models and processes that facilitate the move from the linear economy to the circular one(such as clean energy, recycling and upcycling, sharing economy, etc.). Impact Venture invests into businesses ready to combine waste reduction and a clear focus on clean environment with a healthy level of economic growth and wise use of technologies.

Our key priorities in this field are:

  • Energy: sustainable energy (not limited to clean tech) – including materials, renewable energy, e-storage and energy efficiency.
  • Circular solutions: sustainable design and engineering; responsible production and consumption patterns, as well as improved lifecycle design; waste reduction and recycling programs.
  • Environmental systems: agriculture (including farming, suppliers, food packaging, etc.); forestry; sustainable land-use and fishing; sustainable water use (filtration, purification, conservation and wastewater treatment)


Because people’s wellbeing and quality of life is directly dependent on their ability to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Impact Venture considers relevant business solutions to be some of the most urgent and deserving of supportWe are particularly interested in the use of new technologies aimed at creating positive change in people’s lives and improving their health. Besides, we maintain high interest in such areas as fitness and nutrition in line with the continuing shift from treatment of acquired health conditions to their successful prevention.

Our key priorities in this field are:

  • Ageing population: focusing not only on the healthcare needs of a growing, more affluent ageing world population, but also on its demands for consumer products, entertainment and media.
  • Public Health: innovative products and services that help to foster happy, healthy and self-aware individuals and communities.
  •  Food: new food solutions, including lab-cultured meat;feeding the planet by utilizing the new technologies.


We believe that software is the connectivetissue between the many industries, fields of research and newest technological solutions currently developed. It connects and advances innovative ideas in all areas of human knowledge and activity, and as such, positively disrupts almost every aspect of people’s daily lives. By reshaping software development and its utilization, we can reshape our future, and this is exactly the kind of ambitious vision we value and appreciate at Impact Venture.

Our key priorities in this field are:

  • Artificial intelligence: diagnostic tools; predictive analytics tackling social and environmental issues; optimized communication; AI for Good; precision agriculture.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS companies): solutions for enterprises and rapidly growing organizations; accessible data; collaborative solutions; educating communities through cloud-based resources.
  • Cyber security: privacy protection; identity theft prevention; anti-fraud solutions; creating a safe space for growth and development.