Each company in our portfolio has its own unique understanding of the global challenges they seek to address, as well as the ways in which they propose to tackle those. However, all of these companies share the same passion for addressing some of the most challenging problems of our time through elegant, ambitious and intellectually daring solutions.

Cadence Health

Cadence Health is a US-based women’s health pharma startup working to make a cost-effective birth control pill available over the counter in the United States, without a prescription which is currently universally required. Its goal is to disrupt the U.S. contraceptive market while creating easy and affordable access to contraceptives nationwide.


Whiz.ai is a pre-trained conversational AI platform that connects business users with their enterprise data, insights and workflows via speech and text on web and mobile. Its AI solutions pave the way for the workplace of the future where tech-mediated interactions will be as seamless and intuitive as unmediated human speech.


Mango Materials

Mango Materials - manufactures bio-based, biodegradable polymers using a patent-protected biological process that transforms methane into the bioplastic PHA for various use, including fibers (apparel and textiles), injection molding (packaging), sheeting (garbage bags) and 3D printing.